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This is the story of a Lizrd, a Snek, and a Geck

(Lizrd):Hey, Look at this lizzard

(Geck):Now that's lizzard!

(Sneck):Yes, very lizzard

(Lizrd):How lizzard is this?

(Sneck):That not lizzard

(Geck):Not Lizzard!

(Lizrd):*Gasps* LIZZARD

(Sneck): LIZZARD!


(Lizrd, Sneck, and Geck): *faints from lizzardness*

Then Snek and Lizard wake up! They are confused, they have no idea what has happened.

(Snek): *Slithers away in fear*

(Lizrd): Snek, come back! *Wobbles after Snek*

(Geck): *Wakes up* Where did everyone go?

(Geck): Well, I guess I'll just dance for a while

(Geck): *Dances for a few weeks*

(Geck): Well, that was great, but now I'm hunger

(Worm):*Crawls by*

(Geck):Mmmm, *Eats worm*

(Lizrd and Snek):*Comes into view*

(Hooman):*Also comes into view* *Steps on Snek*

(Geck):Hey, No Step On Snek!

This has been the tale of a Lizrd, a Snek, and a Geck

To be continued?

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